"Pug 3" Notorious X 1HUND Lifters V2

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The long-awaited third collaboration between 1HUND and Notorious Lifts is finally here! As always, this will be a limited quantity run and will not be restocked. So far, we've released the Sumo Sole V1 and V2 (Pug 1 & Pug 2). The "Pug 3" completes the inverse white colorway trifecta with the Notorious Lifters V2 iteration!

The "Pug 3" is made of premium knitted top material and features unique lateral support with the double metatarsal strap. This shoe is perfect for any athlete.



35 (Slipper Size) - 22.5cm (Foot Length)

36 (Slipper Size) - 23cm (Foot Length)

37 (Slipper Size) - 23.5cm (Foot Length)

38 (Slipper Size) - 24cm (Foot Length)

39 (Slipper Size) - 24.5cm (Foot Length)

40 (Slipper Size) - 25cm (Foot Length)

41 (Slipper Size) - 25.5cm (Foot Length)

42 (Slipper Size) - 26cm (Foot Length)

43 (Slipper Size) - 26.5cm (Foot Length)

44 (Slipper Size) - 27cm (Foot Length)

45 (Slipper Size) - 27.5cm (Foot Length)

46 (Slipper Size) - 28cm (Foot Length)

47 (Slipper Size) - 28.5cm (Foot Length)


Please measure foot length (in cm) according to the image in the gallery